X11 Real Friend

The Slimmest Waterproof Smartphone

Cubot is that real friend
A real friend is happy for your happiness ,sad for your sadness
A real friend touches your skin ,immediately he feels your experience
In the breeze or in the blizzard
In the sun or in the rain
No matter life is easy or hard, he will be by your side .
Water-Proof Level : IP65

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Not only waterproof but also thin
Not only thin but also waterproof

6.5mm Ultrathin
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Unparalleled Screen

5.5 inch JDI IPS Incell screen 1280*720 HD screen resolution
The experience of ultimate exquisite field of vision

One of the Biggest Display Suppliers of Apple

JDI display company was combined by three small size display departments of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi in April, 2012.

Unparalleled Gorgeous Hue

High to 0%
of the NTSC color gamut makes the color brightly.

High color saturation display screen,
the brightness is 17% higher than iphone 5s.

High color saturation JDI display screen upgrades the total color saturation by 17%, and makes the color more vivid. It can show the eidetic color effects no matter you browse the pictures, watch video or use the wonderful apps.

  • Brightness increases



  • Contrast increases



  • power consumption reduces



It makes the details exquisite and vivid

High to 300 PPI reaches the exquisite degree of printed matter, approaches the limit of human vision field and makes it suitable for your eyes.

The thinner screen, the more transparent, and you are closer to the color.
The fragmentation of screen glass doesn’t influence the continue use of touch panel.

  • Common TFT Screen

  • OGS Screen

  • INCELL Screen

The photosensitive element of X11 is Sony Exmor RS IMX214. The second-generatlon back-illuminated and stacked construction of it brings superfine pixel interval, makes the picture more vivid and exquisite.6p blue tailor-made glasses can filter uncalled-for light, and restore the real color. Especially in the insufficient light environment, it can have better imaging effects.

Show the beauty of 16MP

The engineers of CUBOT have been debugged the Sony camera and JDI INCELL screen for 18 months, finally get the effects of 16MP.


IPhone 5

The rear camera, deploying bicolor superbright warm LED flashlight of 1A large electricity, increases 30% of the brightness. It can take picture of natural color under the man-made light of the night scene, imitate the color temperature of natural color under the dark environment, make the complexion more real and make the white balance more accurate.

It can bring photography capability into full play.

Exact exposure, accurate white balance and real-time noise reduction for hardware.

The 8MP front camera with 88°ultra-wide field
can let you share more happiness with your friend.

8 Cores,
Strong Processor

28 nanotechnology
It can run more than 30000 points of AnTuTu, facts can tell everything.

Powerful 3D Graphics Manipulation Processor

built-in quad-core MALI450 graphics processor,140% improvement of performance than last MALI400.

2GB RAM+16GB ROM Golden Ratio

The TV and air conditioner can be remote controlled by X11.

The built-in Infrared Remote Control System can remote control the electrical
appliances such as the TV and air conditioner which can agree with Infrared
agreement. There are 2853 kinds of devices can be supported by it.
IR remote APP download >

Make You Become A Global Traveller

it covers the bands frequency of 2G,3G all over the word and can make you become a carefree global traveller.
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100