“We have no FHD phones ”
who said it ? The technology and art combine perfectly

  • Smartwake
    Air control

  • MT6735 LTE
    64bit Quad-core

  • 5.5”
    FHD OGS IPS Display

  • 6.9mm
    Ultra Slim

  • Front:8MP Camera
    Rear:16MP Camera

  • 16GB ROM
    2GB RAM

  • 2.5D Curve Glass

  • CNC diamond
    metal frame

  • Dual Sim Dual Standby
    Support 4G(LTE)

  • Android 5.1

  • OTG

  • Hotknot

1080P 5.5" screen which stems from a depth-customization with the first- class "JDI"

To make a perfect bezel-less vision, Cubot X15 join hands with the world's top display supplier Sharp to create a 2.5D bezel-less screen with excellent visual effect ,which also has good holding experience . only if the vision is with no borders, it can present new vision.

  • 1920x1080

    Full HD

  • 425


  • 90%NTSC

    High Saturation

  • 1500:1

    High Contrast


Thinner & More realistic

This is the thinnest screen in the history of Cubot mobile technologies.It is only 1.3mm thick,it is 38% thinner than
the previous generation of Cubot mobile phones.It is almost as thin as a sheet of paper.
It makes images appear as if they are floating.

IPS NEO Nega LCD technology
from any angle ,the black color is much purer

CUBOT X15 screen not only conserves power, but unlike some phones the X15 maintains its excellent visual experience with its 1500: 1 contrast ratio.This high ratio means every word is clearer and sharper. Even in bright light, the screen brightness is high. up to 550nit and is still vivid enabling easy use even in extreme sunlight .The wide 178 ° viewing angle maintains a crisp and clear image.

MiraVision display technology

X15 uses the advanced and comprehensive MiraVision image processing engine technology, the screen will reflect the right brightness and color although the rays and scenes vary ,then they are modified dynamically. the video is smoother, pictures are much more beautiful ,it will achieve a balance between vision and good battery life .

NTSC 90%

the feeling for color is out of your mind

2.5D glass with elaborate craftwork

In order to create more comfortable holding experience , X15 uses 2.5D hard glass which is produced and formed in one piece by customized CNC machine by import, then polished, all these work fully retains characteristics of the glass with high transmittance, and greatly enhances the visual impact of the screen.

The glass panel is covered with
anti-fingerprint coating .

»guard off oil stain and scuffing
»Improve the smoothness of the surface and eliminate
  jerky feelings caused by perspiration and dust
»easier for cleaning

Carefully select high-quality base material

For having a rugged construction, it uses high-strength Zinc titanium alloy, which is approaching to
aircraft-grade aluminum alloy ,so it’s light and low density . At the same time, it has
good thermal conductivity and corrosion performance.

The latest 64- bit MTK 4 core chipset ,
Smart MT6735A

The network speed is up to FDD-LTE cat4
level,4-core, and 1.3GHz per core, Graphics
performance is increased by 80% compared
with the previous generation , power
consumption is less by 50%

Perfect graphic performance

We choose Mali-720 GPU,its frequency is 695MHz,
which can generate 695 000 000 triangles per second,5 600 000 000 pixels per second.
Enjoy the pleasure of big games.

Supports FDD-LTE Cat 4, speeds of up to

This means that the road could see ultra-clear video smoothly , play online games .
It is equipped with two card slots , support two phone cards while on standby. Do not take two
mobile phones , you can enable the live numbers and work numbers simultaneously.

Dual Sim Dual Stanby,Support 4G

You can use two SIM cards in such a superior phone for your work and privacy .
One Cubot X15 meets all your communicating need.
It supports the card up to 32GB Extended

Challenge the threshold of
ultra- thin smart phone

For further filtering parasitic light , Cubot X15 uses
customized 5P blue membrane lens , which improves
the analytic capacity of the camera.
the lens is wrapped with aluminium alloy ring . you
focus on the details ,we also do .

  • 16MP


  • 1A

    Super bright flash

High-resolution means good quality

Cubot X15 supports utmost 16MP photos,With ƒ / 2.0 large aperture and the new shutter calculating model, it improves the quality the images . Upgrading the white balance and sharpening algorithms, Cubot X15 perform well on color-handling and low-light noise reduction . So, whether you are looking back at photos on display, or print it out ,they are really good .

8MP & 4P Front Camera

The new 8MP front camera sensor with ƒ / 2.0 large
aperture which could capture more light close to your
skin tone.

OTG-On the GO

A normal phone with the great OTG instantly connects your work and entertainment simultaneously at any time , in any
place,it's convenient and runs fast,Once it has the function of OTG which is just like usb cable connected with
PC ,you can use it to charge ,to contact the mouse ,to access the data of U flash disk .finally ,you can say goodbye
to PC !

  • Slide upward to unlock

  • Slide downward
    to photograph

  • Draw ’c’ to wake dialer

  • Draw ’e’ to wake browser

  • Draw ’m’ to play songs

  • Horizontal slide to
    change-over music


Set your customized gesture as shortcut to open certain function
when the screen is in standby mode.


Screen to Screen Transport

Air Control

Air Wake can activate your phone in air by one hand

  • Air-Shuffle for Camera
  • Air-Shuffle for GALLERY
  • Air-Shuffle for FM radio
  • Air-Shuffle for MUSIC